Rachel Lindsay Responds To Bryan Abasolo’s Legal Fees Request


Rachel Lindsay has reportedly reacted to her estranged husband’s request for her to pay his legal fees amid their divorce.

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Rachel Lindsay Reacts To Estranged Husband Bryan Abasolo’s Request

According to RadarOnline, Lindsay is asking a judge to refuse Bryan Abasolo’s request that she cover his legal bills in their ongoing divorce and instead require Abasolo to satisfy the payments himself.

Additionally, she has explained that she hoped to resolve their divorce “quietly, without court intervention.” Furthermore, Lindsay stated that she still hopes to do so “by way of a global settlement, which is forthcoming.”

“In the meantime, Bryan continues to reside in Rachel’s home, for which Rachel pays 90% of all expenses,” her lawyer, Laura Wasser, reportedly asserted.

According to the outlet, Lindsay has yet to respond to Abasolo’s general request for spousal support. The outlet adds that she “did not check the boxes to terminate his request for support.” However, she also did not “check the box to award him support.” Instead, she reportedly listed “TBD” on her recently filed response.

A Brief Recap Of The Couple’s Divorce Proceedings Thus Far

As The Shade Room previously reported, Abasolo filed for divorce from Lindsay after four years of marriage in January. At the time, Abasolo listed their date of separation to be December 31, 2023.

At the time, it was revealed that Abasolo was requesting to be awarded spousal support from Lindsay.

Furthermore, he also addressed his decision on social media.

A few days after the divorce news surfaced, Lindsay broke her silence on the matter, per The Shade Room.

“Obviously, it’s a difficult time — if you’ve read the headlines… and you’re probably wondering why I would even work,” she said while appearing on her podcast ‘Higher Learning. “But to be honest with you, I need to distract myself from myself, and the best way to do that is to do something that I love…”

At the time, Lindsay explained that she would publicly speak more about the matter at a later date.

Then, earlier this month, Abasolo reportedly requested emergency spousal support from Lindsay, per The Shade Room. At the time, Abasolo requested Lindsay cover at least $75,000 of his legal fees. Additionally, Abasolo alleged that his monthly income pales in comparison to Lindsay’s. Therefore, he would also need her assistance with moving out of their shared home in Los Angeles, California.

“Rachel and I are cohabiting in our Family Residence, but neither of us wants to continue to live together. Our current living situation is very awkward and strained. I want to move out of our Family Residence as soon as possible, but maintaining our standard of living is not financially feasible at this time,” he reportedly asserted.

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