Chris Martin Gives 65-Year-Old Fan a Ride to Coldplay Concert


Chris Martin Gives 65-Year-Old Fan a Ride to Coldplay Concert

Chris Martin.
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A Coldplay fan with arthritis experienced “Paradise” when Chris Martin offered her a ride to a U.K. concert on Sunday, May 26.

Saundra Glenn, 65, shared via X on Monday, May 27, how Martin stopped his car and picked her up ahead of Coldplay’s headline performance at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Luton, England.

“That moment when Chris Martin @Coldplay saw me struggling to walk, had his car stop and gave me a lift,” Glenn wrote in her X post. “Blooming amazing. Can’t believe this happened.”

Glenn said that she and Martin, 47, had a “nice chat,” and added: “What a decent bloke ❤️.”

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In an interview with ITV News on Monday, Glenn said she was determined to see Coldplay perform at Stockwood Park in her hometown of Luton despite her osteoarthritis-related mobility issues.

“I really, really, really wanted to see Chris Martin and Coldplay,” said Glenn. “I thought to myself, I know this park, I’ve known it since I was a child, and it’s once in a lifetime to see Chris Martin, I just have to do it. If I go late, and just watch them, I should be OK.”

As the Luton native began making the long walk to the site of Big Weekend, she said a black Mercedes pulled up beside her.

“The next thing, this big black car comes out of nowhere and a lovely woman looks out the window and says, ‘You look like you’re struggling — what can we do to help? Can we give you a lift?’” Glenn recalled.

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“So she tells me to get in the back and the door opens and there’s Chris Martin sat there. I couldn’t believe it and the first thing I said was, ‘You’re Chris Martin! Can I shake your hand?!’” she added.

During the ride, Glenn said that she and Martin spoke about growing up in Luton and that the singer asked about her life and her job.

Once they got to the area reserved for artists, Glenn said Martin helped her get to where she needed to be to see Coldplay perform.

“They put me in a buggy that said ‘artist’ on it and escorted me to the accessibility area. They were falling over themselves to help me,” she said.

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