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Unveiling the Fashion Frenzy at Sanremo 2024

The curtains rise on the Seventy-fourth Sanremo Festival, unleashing a wave of anticipation and style extravaganza onto the Ariston stage.

Guided by the discerning eye of Amadeus, the festival promises a spectacle of haute couture and sartorial elegance that captivates audiences worldwide.

Let’s delve into the fashion saga of this iconic event, where every outfit tells a story and every ensemble vies for the spotlight

Glamour Galore: A Fashion Feast at Sanremo

The first evening of the festival unfolds like a couture catwalk where showcasing a myriad of styles ranging from the sublime to the questionable.

As the melodies fill the hall, so does the allure of high-end fashion, setting the stage for a captivating showdown of sartorial prowess.


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The Hits and Misses on the Red Carpet


Sanremo Festival

Clara’s ensemble from the “Rough Diamonds” collection by Giorgio Armani Haute Couture certainly commands attention with its stunning elegance, evoking a notable ‘wow effect’. However, it subtly falls short in its execution, hinting at an expectation that elegance would dominate the evening’s theme.

Overall, it earns a commendable rating of 7.5

Saint John

Netflix's 'Hit Man'

Saint John appeared in a bespoke, all-white ensemble by Gcds, exuding a contemporary flair with its oversized silhouette. However, there were noticeable imperfections in the outfit, particularly with the unfinished hem of the trousers.

Furthermore, it was suggested that concealing the silver shoes might have been a better choice. Overall, the outfit received a rating of 6 out of 10.

Fiorella Mannoia

Netflix's 'Hit Man'

Fiorella Mannoia stunned in a Luisa Spagnoli ensemble reminiscent of a bridal gown, complete with a beautiful train and delicate lace details. However, this elegant choice seemed more suited for a wedding than for the Sanremo stage. Despite her undeniable grace and charm, her decision to perform barefoot added a raw and authentic element to her performance.

It’s challenging to give Fiorella a low rating, but her outfit fell short of expectations for such a seasoned performer. Overall, she receives a rating of 5.5.

The Sad

Dressing a punk band for their debut on the Italian music stage poses a unique challenge. While Philipp Plein tops may be edgy choices, there’s a fine line between making a statement and hitting the self-destruct button. In this case, it seems the band missed the mark. While the attire may be top-notch, knowing how to carry oneself in a suit is equally important.

Unfortunately, the execution didn’t quite live up to expectations, resulting in a rating of 5.


Netflix's 'Hit Man'


Irama’s performance of “You’re Not” may have left a lasting impression, but this time, it seems he’s taken on a different persona: Filippo. In fashion, elegance often lies in simplicity rather than extravagance. The prize in this case goes to his understated choice, culminating in a leather ensemble that strikes a balance between ruggedness and refinement. With minimal excess, save for a subtle jewel adorning his hand, Irama’s tattoo served as the perfect accessory.

Overall, his look earns a respectable rating of 6.


Ghali’s style consistently garners attention, and this time is no exception. The elegance he exudes in a shimmering blue suit from Loewe truly deserves recognition, placing him firmly on the podium of fashion. However, the lace-up and sequined shoes accompanying the ensemble miss the mark slightly.

Despite this, Ghali’s overall look earns a solid score ranging from 7 to 8.


Negramaro, clad in Paul and Shark Custom Made attire, missed the mark on their debut on the Italian music stage. Despite their two decades of musical success, the all-black ensemble seemed out of place, lacking the lightness befitting the occasion.


Netflix's 'Hit Man'

Their rating stands at 5 .


Annalisa graced the stage in a sexy and elegant Dolce and Gabbana ensemble. While the trailing fabric didn’t quite enhance her look, she undeniably commanded attention with her presence, earning a solid 7++.


Mahmood, known for his innovative fashion choices, fell short with cargo trousers and excessive pockets, detracting from his usual stylish flair. His rating dips to a modest 6+.


Diodate opted for a white Zegna dress, though it didn’t quite complement his complexion, and the high neck felt outdated. His haircut also raised some eyebrows, earning him a rating of 6.


Loredana Bertè’s Valentino attire, though true to her persona, was marred by unnecessary draped ruffles. Nevertheless, her signature style shone through, warranting a 6+.


Netflix's 'Hit Man'


Geolier stunned in Emporio Armani, but slicked-back hair and a lack of shirt detracted from his overall elegance, resulting in a rating of 6.


Alessandra Amoroso exuded elegance in a Monot dress, elevating the stage with her sophistication. Her flawless presentation earns her a commendable 7+.

The Kolors

The Kolors faltered in their Emporio Armani attire, failing to impress with their lackluster look, resulting in a rating of 5.

Angelina Mango

Angelina Mango’s Etro dress, though stunning, was let down by wedges and white socks, diminishing its dreamy allure. Her personality, however, remained captivating, earning her a 7.

The flight

The flight, dressed by Emporio Armani, failed to meet expectations, lacking the sophistication expected of global ambassadors of Italian fashion. Their rating falls to 5.


Netflix's 'Hit Man'


BigMama commanded attention in Lorenzo Seghezzi, her explosive personality matched by her striking black dress, earning her an impressive 8.

Riches and Poors

Riches and Poors disappointed in Vivetta clothes, failing to make a lasting impression, warranting a low rating of 4.


Emma’s Marc Jacobs minidress showcased her signature style, though the sweetheart neckline felt overpowering and the addition of black tights was questionable, resulting in a rating of 6.

Nek and Renga’s ton sur ton dresses by Maurizio Muri failed to impress, with their uninspired look earning a rating of 5.

Mr. Rain’s Fendi ensemble, though tailored and clean, left viewers questioning the color choice, resulting in a rating of 6++.


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Bnkr44’s HG/LF attire failed to resonate, lacking the excitement and flair expected for the occasion, warranting a rating of 4.

Gazelles disappointed with their unremarkable hoodie, failing to deliver anything new or innovative, resulting in a rating of 4+.

Dargen D’Amico stunned in Moschino, captivating audiences with his creative ensemble and storytelling, earning an impressive 9.

Rose Villain’s Malni ensemble exuded futurism but felt out of place for the event, earning her a modest rating of 5.

French Saints dazzled in Dolce and Gabbana, their outfits impeccably tailored to their bodies, earning a stellar rating of 9.


Netflix's 'Hit Man'

Fred De Palma’s Ssheena dress, though unique, failed to resonate with viewers, resulting in a rating of 5-.

Maninni’s tailored suit by Antonio Riva Milano lacked the elegance expected for the occasion, earning him a modest rating of 6.

Alpha’s shawl look, though striking, failed to make the desired impact, resulting in a rating of 5-.

The Three’s Diesel attire, much like their chest tattoos, proved challenging and failed to impress, resulting in a rating of 5.

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Netflix's 'Hit Man'

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