Plug Power: Rapid Expansion Strategy But Without Results (NASDAQ:PLUG)


Engineer with tablet computer on a background of Hydrogen factory


Plug Power (NASDAQ:PLUG) as a pioneer in the global hydrogen industry, has focused on hydrogen fuel cell design, development, manufacturing and commercialization since 1997. The company is the largest integrated hydrogen fuel cell system manufacturer and the

Expanding hydrogen production: On top of the Georgia hydrogen plant milestone achieved in 2024 January, Plug kicked started its Tennessee hydrogen plant operation
Establishing hydrogen plants network: Establishing networks in the US and in Europe, including plants in Antwerp, Brussels, and Finland
Expanding electrolysis manufacturing network: Expanding the capacity of the plant in New York, which is a world-class fuel cell manufacturing
Entering road vehicle market: Partnering with Renault and establish a joint venture to manufacture trucks, while entering into aviation market
Establishing joint venture globally: Partnering and establishing joint venture partnerships with Renault in France, Acciona in Spain, and SK in South Korea

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