NFL Rookies Decide Against Risking $10,000 On Daniel Jones And Washington’s Offensive Line


Former LSU teammates and current NFL rookies Malik Nabers and Jayden Daniels got themselves a lot of attention this week, when they revealed that they had placed a $10,000 bet with each other over which of them would be named Rookie of the Year. Well, now the bet’s off.

Talking to reporters today, Nabers said the bet had been cancelled because he and Daniels didn’t want to risk running afoul of the NFL’s gambling policy, which is a perfectly sensible explanation. I, however, have another theory as to why the bet was rescinded: Nabers and Daniels both remembered who they play for.

Imagine waking up the morning after letting the world know that you had bet $10,000 on your own abilities, and then slowly realizing that your actual fate was in the hands of either Daniel Jones or the Washington Commanders’ offensive line. Jones hasn’t had a 1,000-yard receiver once in his career. The Commanders let Sam Howell get sacked roughly 5,000 times last season. These guys must have been scrambling to call each other and get themselves out of that jam.

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