Michael Rainey Speaks On Death Threats For Playing Tariq


Michael Rainey Jr. recently spoke about experiencing death threats as a teen for portraying Tariq on ‘Power.’ The Associated Press reports the actor also shared his thoughts about ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ ending after four seasons.

The final season airs today (June 7) on Starz.

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Michael’s Reaction To Death Threats

The 23-year-old initially played the son of drug dealer James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick on the mega-hit series ‘Power.’ Soon after it aired, Rainey Jr. began receiving disturbing comments on social media. At the time, he “was like 17,18.” He shared that fans began targeting him once the show became successful.

Michael stated, “…I’m like, ‘Dang, people crazy, bro!” He added, “It’s just a show.”

It is unclear if the wild comments were serious or just for fun, but the engagement indicated the show’s popularity and how invested viewers were in the characters.

On the flip side, the attention Michael received on social media likely helped him secure a steady role on the show. Rainey appeared in all six seasons of Power and knabbed the lead role in its spinoff series, ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’

“Shout out to the supporters that reacted because y’all helped me build a storyline,” He stated. “(Writers) see how the supporters react, and if they get a certain reaction, they literally build off of that in the next script.”

Michael Rainey Shares His Thoughts About The Show Ending

The popular program was one of Starz’s highest-viewed shows, which is why some fans are confused by its ending. AP reports it is due to cost containment at the Lionsgate network.

Michael described the ending of the series as “bittersweet.” He played Tariq for 12 years.

“I feel like there was a few other directions that we could go. At the same time, I feel like they wanted to just end it while people still cared. The car lover stated, “I’m super excited for what’s to come for everybody -not just me – but everyone that was part of the cast.”

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Meanwhile, Malcolm Mays, who portrays Lou-Lou Thomas in ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan,’ recently went viral. The actor was outside a recent ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ screening when a man seemingly instructed police officers to remove him.

In the video, Malcolm is wearing the same fit that he wore to the show’s season four red carpet premiere. At this time, there are no clear details about what sparked the incident.

However, a man could be heard telling Mays to “not let them get the best of [him].” “You have a career,” the supporter added.

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