Kalani Faagata & Dallas Nuez Welcome Baby Girl!


There’s a new 90 Day Fiance baby in the world!

It turns out that Kalani Faagata and Dallas Nuez welcomed more than just the New Year together.

And their adorable family photos just got bigger.

Kalani just stunned fans with the revelation that she and Dallas have welcomed a new baby. No one even knew that she was pregnant!

Kalani Faagata on The Last Resort.Kalani Faagata on The Last Resort.
On 90 Day: The Last Resort Season 1, Episode 9, Kalani Faagata explains that her “hall pass” had ample justification. She didn’t need to explain, but we’re glad that she exposed her husband’s cheating. (Image Credit: TLC)

Kalani Faagata just had a baby!

Late on Tuesday, June 4, Kalani Faagata took to Instagram with a fun surprise for her fans and followers.

“Meet our daughter,” she announced alongside a series of cute emojies.

However, all eyes were on the photos themselves — showing an adorably swaddled newborn, all bundled up in lavender cloth.

The photos appeared to be from the hospital, but this adorable baby already has a cute and expressive face. So precocious!

Both Kalani Faagata and boyfriend Dallas Nuez shared the post.

Additionally, in the comments, Dallas credited Kalani’s sister, fan-favorite Kolini Faagata, with taking these perfect photos of her latest little nibling.

Kalani Faagata on the phone.Kalani Faagata on the phone.
Kalani Faagata very diplomatically asks for a new set of bedding, because she does not plan to share any with her husband. Good. (Image Credit: TLC)

’90 Day Fiance’ castmate congratulations poured in for Kalani’s baby news

Fan-favorite Debbie Johnson wrote: “Congratulations, I didn’t know you were expecting.” She was not alone.

“Omg, congratulations,” wrote Liz Woods. Memorably, Kalani confided in Liz about Dallas while 90 Day: The Last Resort filmed in very early 2023.

Tiffany Franco, Anny Francisco, Emily Bieberly, David Toborowsky, Kenneth Niedermeier, Sumit Singh, Danielle Mullins Jbali, Daniele Gates, and Larissa Lima all shared positive responses as well.

Kalani Faagata shares her experiences.Kalani Faagata shares her experiences.
Kalani Faagata explains to her castmates that her husband didn’t only cheat once. He cheated all along. By her count, about twelve times. (Image Credit: TLC)

Many 90 Day Fiance fans will recall that there were pregnancy rumors circulating about Kalani late last summer.

At the time, Kalani shared that she was not pregnant despite fan speculation — but that she was eager to have a third child regardless.

That was in September of 2023. Assuming that Kalani welcomed this baby girl as recently as it seems, it’s very likely that she conceived either during that month or close to it.

Kalani Faagata speaks to the confessional camera on 90 Day: The Last Resort.Kalani Faagata speaks to the confessional camera on 90 Day: The Last Resort.
Speaking to the confessional camera on 90 Day: The Last Resort, Kalani Faagata explains her disinterest in her husband. (Image Credit: TLC)

But ’90 Day’ critics are sure to weigh in

Baby news can soften even the hardest of hearts. But many of the same people who declared that Kalani and Dallas were doomed as a couple are probably recoiling at the news.

Many of these are people who accused Kalani of moving too quickly. People who think that Kalani “cheated” (remember, Dallas began as a “hall pass” after Asuelu very much did cheat) resent the romance. And then there are people who simply believe that a rebound romance will never last.

Well, Kalani and Dallas have been together since early autumn of 2022. Now, just weeks before summer of 2024 begins, they’re introducing their newborn to the world. We wish this precious family the very best.

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