Janelle Brown & Kids Go To Disney Months After Garrison’s Death


Sister Wives star Janelle Brown and her family has suffered so much this year. It’s nice to see smiles on their faces.

Three months after the death of her son Garrison, Janelle made time for her other children and took them a magical trip.

Despite all the heartache, it looks like the reality star is still finding ways to make memories with her family.

And it started with a trip to the happiest place on earth!

Janelle Brown & Kids Enjoy Disneyland Tip: Photo

At the start of June, Janelle posted a photo of herself with two of her kids: her youngest, Savannah, and her second eldest boy, Gabriel.

Dressed in a vibrant, red top and donning classic Minnie Mouse ears, Janelle gave a big smile to the camera as she posed with her kids at Disneyland. The trio stood cozied up together on Main Street U.S.A. , on their way up to Sleeping Beauty Castle.

“Disney Day!.” Janelle wrote in the caption. “Gabe and Savanah and I made a quick trip to Disneyland. I never want to waste an opportunity to make memories.”

Totally understandable and a great mantra to live by. And the kids look so happy! Just look at Savannah in those adorable Pooh Bear ears! And Gabe rocking a classic, Disneyland Spirit Jersey.

They got the fits – bring on the fun!

Garrison Brown and his mother, Janelle.Garrison Brown and his mother, Janelle.
Garrison Brown and his mother, Janelle, on Sister Wives. (TLC/Youtube)

A Happy Place Amid a Sorrowful Time

Making memories feels more important than ever to this family. While Janelle’s other children – Maddie, Hunter, and Logan – didn’t join them, all of her kids have been dutifully by her said ever since the passing of their brother, Garrison.

Garrison died by suicide on March 5, 2024. His death devastated his loves ones, which included his father Kody Brown and his other wives, Christine, Meri, and Robyn.

But perhaps no one put their grief better than Savannah, who posted Instagram after his cause of death was confirmed.

“Two weeks ago, on Tuesday March 5, my older brother Garrison took his own life. He was 25.,” she began in the caption of a photo of Garrison holding her as a baby.

“I’m having a hard time understanding it. But I know now, more than anything, that my brother Garrison is no longer in any more pain. Every time I see a car that looks like his on the road, I briefly wonder if it’s him on his way home from work before I am reminded that he is gone. When I make PB&Js, I am reminded of him. When I look up at the night sky, he is there. I deeply hope that anyone who may be reading this never underestimates how big of a hole their loss would leave. Persevere, for the sake of your family, for the sake of your friends, for the sake of the ones who love you. “

Persevere… that’s what this family is doing now, in the wake of unspeakable grief.

Whatever helps, we want it for them.

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