Is Our Latest T-Shirt Drop The Greatest Fashion Statement of All-Time? PEOPLE ARE ASKING!


If you’ve followed Korked Bats for a while or if this is the first blog you’ve ever stumbled upon, you should know we are a blog of the people. And the people? They do be askin’. In just about every piece of content we put out, we ask the questions that the people ask. And after many people asked, we decided to finally add a PEOPLE ARE ASKING shirt to our online store. So look, if people are asking, then people shall be receiving.

If you care to support this dumb sports blog, grab a shirt here:

Also, shout out to all of our friends who chipped in to make that launch video possible: Mike Keith (radio voice of the Tennessee Titans), Steve Gorman (The Black Crowes), Aaron Chewning (St. André Golf), Alyssa Bergamini (Bulls radio broadcaster, White Sox in-game host), Shane Riordan (670 The Score), Martha Gottwald (Neubyrne), Josh Holleman (WYCD – Detroit), and a ton more… including tweets, comments and posts from all of you.

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