I’m a naked butler — women tell me their secrets and say I’m stunning


A naked butler says the job has booted his confidence as woman share their secrets and tell him he’s ‘stunning’ as he serves them cocktails during bottomless brunches.

Hunky Jakub Plucinski-Olczak, 21, serves drinks while wearing only an apron to groups of woman at a swanky city centre bar alongside his studies.

And he believes it’s the best thing he’s ever done as he’s grown in confidence from the reaction from punters.

University student Jakub Plucinski-Olczak serving food as a naked butler, wearing only an apron and bow tie.
Jakub Plucinski-Olczak works as a naked butler. YEP / SWNS

The university student said: “I was always somewhat confident.

“But with this, coming into work and being told, ‘you are absolutely stunning’ and every woman reacting to you being there half-naked, it does boost your confidence. 

“There’s such a wide variety of people who turn up to these brunches. And I get to hear some cool stories.

“Women also share their secrets with me, I read the secrets out and I’ll choose one lady to guess whose secret I’m reading. We have a laugh.”

Jakub’s barber suggested that he should be a naked butler around two years ago but he says he was ‘scared’ and ‘didn’t know what to do’ when he started the role. 

He admitted: “When my barber told me I should do it, it was a bit nerve-wracking, like ‘what am I going to do?’ 

“With my bum out, half-naked in front of a bunch of women, I didn’t know what to do. 

“I remember my first job. I was scared, I’ll be honest.”

Young man Jakub Plucinski-Olczak, serving as a naked butler at a brunch event, wearing only an apron and lying on a bar with glasses of alcohol beside him
Plucinski-Olczak said the job has made him more confident. YEP / SWNS

He now works at The End Bar in Leeds city center, which he juggles alongside studying sports and exercise science at Sheffield Hallam University.

And he thinks the skills and confidence acquired in his current role will help him in his dream career as a personal trainer.

Jakub added: “It has improved my interpersonal skills. 

“If you can’t read the room, you can’t do a good job as a butler. 

“Every single job that I’ve done the past two years, I have been able to successfully read the room and tailor the experience for the guests.

“After university, I want to excel in personal training. 

“And if I can chat to people, women, half-naked, then I can chat to people fully clothed and tailor their experience for personal training.” 

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