I Have Tons of Designer Purses, but I Can’t Stop Carrying This Bag


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Designer bags may be cool and all, but sometimes you want something simple and affordable, no bells and whistles needed. You might think you can’t live without a Coach or Louis Vuitton bag, but that’s just because you have a need to follow trends. I can say that from experience, as I saved up and bought several designer bags, and yet most of the time when I leave my house, I’m carrying a $22 bag from Amazon, and I’m leagues happier for it.

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The FashionPuzzle Triple Zip Crossbody Bag is an Amazon favorite, and it’s one of the best crossbody bags on the platform. Not only does it come in a huge variety of colors, but it’s also large enough to hold anything you have on your person, from your phone and wallet to makeup, a backup battery, or even a small paperback. Its rectangular-shaped compartment has a nice, sturdy zipper with two additional pockets on both sides as well, so you have a little extra room, too.

Get the FashionPuzzle Triple Zip Crossbody Bag for just $22 at Amazon!

You’ll love carrying this bag with its extra-long adjustable strap, its black and white striped interior, and overall level of quality. I’ve used one daily and on vacation for over a year and never did it show signs of wear, only I chose to get a new one after the smell from dinner at a Korean barbecue restaurant just wouldn’t come out – but that’s my fault, not the bag’s.

Get the FashionPuzzle Triple Zip Crossbody Bag for just $22 at Amazon!

If you don’t need to carry a lot, this is a fantastic pick that you’ll never regret dropping the cash on. And for the price you’d pay for a designer bag, you can get tons of these little guys. That’s a different color for every month. Every few weeks if you want. That’s good stuff, right?

Get the FashionPuzzle Triple Zip Crossbody Bag for just $22 at Amazon!

Looking for something else? Explore more from FashionPuzzle here and shop other fashion here! Don’t forget to check out all of Walmart’s deals for more great finds!

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