Houston Teacher’s Ex-Boyfriend Charged: Leaked Explicit Videos


A former Houston elementary school teacher’s ex-boyfriend has now been charged for allegedly leaking her explicit videos to the public.

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More Details About The Charge & Allegations Against The Ex-Boyfriend

According to KHOU, a 29-year-old man named Nicholas Anthony Garcia has been charged after two explicit videos of the former teacher surfaced in May.

Garcia is reportedly facing a charge of “unlawful disclosure of intimate visual material.”

The outlet reports that Garcia and the teacher, whose identity has not been publicly disclosed, dated for two years. After an argument, the pair went their separate ways. However, afterward, the teacher filed a “report with a law enforcement agency” against Garcia. She was reportedly hoping to retrieve a vehicle from him that they had purchased together.

In response, Garcia threatened the woman. He reportedly told her that if she took the car back, he would “send the explicit videos to the school district.”

According to KHOU, the former teacher sent the videos to Garcia while they were dating. The outlet notes that court documents confirm the footage was filmed in a classroom. Additionally, the documents reportedly note that the teacher’s face was “visible and clearly identifiable.”

The outlet adds that the investigation into the matter remains ongoing. Garcia has not reportedly been arrested. However, if he is convicted of the offense, he faces up to two years in prison and will be fined $10,000.

The Former Houston Teacher Previously Opened Up About The Explicit Videos

An initial report from Fox 26 Houston appeared to imply that the explicit videos of the woman had been filmed for the OnlyFans platform. However, KHOU spoke exclusively with the teacher in a report published on May 30.

During the conversation, the woman appeared to clarify that the videos had been made for her ex-boyfriend’s eyes only.

“I’ve never sent this out to thousands of men. Like, I’m not that type of person,” she told the outlet. “This was just a relationship, a private matter, and he released it.”

Additionally, the woman alleged she did not record the videos during school hours but instead when the facility was closed on the weekend.

“It was a poor judgment on my part,” the woman added. “I would never do it again… All I can do is learn from this situation.”

Here’s How The Incident Initially Made Headlines

As The Shade Room previously reported, the former Houston teacher made headlines in late May. At the time, community activist Quanell X explained that the explicit footage had been brought to his attention.

Additionally, X called the teacher out, alleging she filmed the content “during school hours” and not too far from the presence of children.

“When this was brought to our attention… we couldn’t believe it could be true,” X told Fox 26 Houston. “When they said there’s a teacher making pornographic episodes and videos in the classroom during school hours, we thought it was a joke, it had to be insane. But we began to investigate it, and we learned that it actually was a teacher…”

On May 29, the school district where the woman worked released a statement.

“This afternoon, the district received copies of two videos of a former employee allegedly recorded on school property. The videos were provided by a citizen,” the statement reads. “Our officers have opened an investigation and, upon initial review, do not believe that children were present during the filming of the videos. However, the investigating officer is working to verify the timestamp and circumstances surrounding the recordings. If the district finds that criminal behavior or conduct violating the Texas Administrative Code Educator’s Code of Ethics has occurred, we will engage with the appropriate reporting agencies.”

At the time, it was noted that the teacher had been released from employment with the school before the explicit videos surfaced.

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