Halle & Chloe Bailey Share Reactions To Fans Gifting Them Money


Halle and Chloe Bailey recently gave social media users new mood board memes! A now-viral video compares the sisters’ opposite reactions to fans gifting them money on TikTok Live.

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Halle And Chloe Bailey Are A Kii & Here’s Why

As mentioned, the Bailey sisters’ recent viral moment started with fans comparing their separate reactions to the same situation. The video combines clips of Halle and Chloe independently chatting with their fans on TikTok Live.

In her clip, Halle asked fans where the different stickers — from cowboy hats to hearts — that fans send her go. After seemingly reading the written comments, she appeared to realize that the stickers equal real-life money. She acknowledged the fan love but politely suggested everyone keep their coins.

“That is really, really nice, guys, but please, you don’t need to send me money. Save your money,” Halle Bailey said. “Honestly, truly.”

Well, her comment makes sense, roomies, especially since the lead actress of ‘The Little Mermaid’ is reportedly worth $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

As for Chloe Bailey, though, sis was definitely interested in collecting the gifted money! Like her younger sister, she didn’t immediately realize that the TikTok Live stickers could be traded for American dollars.

After her fans educated her in the comment section, Ms. Bailey wanted to know how she could pocket the profits.

“Oh, this is money? Now, how do I collect that,” Chloe asked. “Whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute, dolla make me holla!”

It’s unclear WHEN each sister responded to fans fattening their wallets, but the video is going triple platinum on social media this week. Folks are choosing which sister best fits their reaction to someone offering them money.

Watch the viral moment below.

Social Media Users Choose Which Bailey Sister They Act Like

As mentioned, the innanet is eating up this moment from the Bailey sisters. The Shade Room’s Instagram comment section has collected over 15,000 comments on the clip.

Lil Wayne and Toya’s daughter, Reginae Carter, wrote, “At first I was Halle, then I became Chloe real quick after finding out.” 

@dynastyking215_ added, “‘Now How do I collect THAT?!’ Is my mood for 2024.” 

@mschang2u was gagged by the fan behavior. She wrote, “Sending rich people money is one of the most asinine things you could possibly do.”

Meanwhile, Chloe had @cultchatthrowback “floored” with “Dollar make me holler.”

@terilisha reminded the people, “One get a Disney check the other doesn’t … I support both answers lol.”

CelebrityNetWorth has determined that Chloe’s net worth is $2 million.

This isn’t the first time the Hollywood entertainers have given the innanet a kii over their wildly different personalities. In April, Halle and Chloe went viral for a similar situation.

A surfaced livestream video of them showed a fan speaking to the sisters through tears. When the fan stopped talking, Halle offered a simple, “We love you and thank you for joining.” Meanwhile, Chloe was full-on sobbing on camera!

Needless to say, similar to this week, the innanet couldn’t get enough of the polar opposite sisters!

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