‘Everybody Hates Chris’ Returns For Animated Reboot


Roomies, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ is officially making its animated comeback.

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‘Everybody Hates Chris’ Returns

As The Shade Room previously reported, the popular sitcom series was announced for a reboot in 2021. The following year, it was confirmed that Chris Rock was turning ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ into an animated series.

According to PopCulture, Comedy Central announced that Chris Rock will return as the narrator with original stars Tichina Arnold and Terry Crews confirming they will reprise their roles as Julius and Rochelle Rock in the animated series. Earlier this week, both actors expressed their excitement about the news through an Instagram Reel.

The series initially starred Tequan Richmond as Chris’ younger brother Drew, Imani Hakim as his little sister Tonya, and Vincent Martella as his best friend Greg Wuliger.

PopCulture also noted that ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ premiere on UPN in 2005 and then moved to The CW after its merger with The WB, running for three more seasons until 2009.  The show, starring Tyler James Williams as the titular character, is loosely based on Chris Rock’s teenage years in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn, New York.

The outlet further reported that Williams, Richmond, Hakim and Martella will not return to the new series, but their characters will still appear. Instead, Tim Johnson Jr. from ‘Saturdays’ will voice young Chris; Ozioma Akagha from ‘Delilah’ will voice Chris’ feisty babysitter, Tonya; Terrence Little Gardenhigh from ‘Danger Force’ will voice Chris’ little brother, Drew; and Gunnar Sizemore from ‘Kung Fu Panda,’ will voice Chris’ friend Greg.

While speaking with TV Line, CBS president and CEO George Cheeks praised Chris Rock as one of the most gifted comedians and expressed great excitement about partnering with him again.

“A reimagining of this groundbreaking, critically acclaimed series has been a source of creative discussions at our studio for a long time. It’s exciting to join forces with 3 Arts and the comedic genius of Chris Rock as he expands on his vision of the original show in this innovative new format. This also marks another significant in-house collaboration for CBS with Chris McCarthy and our valued partners at MTV Entertainment Studios as we jointly support this marquee series for Paramount+ and Comedy Central,” Cheeks explained.

A premiere date for ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ hasn’t been revealed yet, but fans can stream all four seasons on Hulu in the meantime.

Social Media Reacts To ‘EHC’ Reboot

The Roomies along with Tichina Arnold and Terry Crews, couldn’t contain their excitement about the ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ animated reboot. Several social media users hopped in The Shade Room comment section to express their excitement and recite quotes from the sitcom.

Instagram user @yea_its_tt wrote, “I LOVED Everybody Hates Chris. I’ll never forget when they was eating and Tonya asked “Ma, where’s Chris?” She said, “Oh, I slapped him until next week. He’ll be back on Tuesday.” 

Instagram user @trelifeee wrote, “My favorite show! I aspire to be cheap like Julius.” 

Then Instagram user @like.yanna wrote, “As an adult I see why Julius had so many jobs.” 

Instagram user @princesskea12 wrote, “Aht aht, I don’t need this. My man got 2 jobs.” 

While Instagram user @briannaghd wrote, “I just want to see how Julius would react to inflation rates in 2024. I don’t think $12 for a tooth brush would go over well with him.” 

Instagram user @alxndrathegreat wrote, “Julius showed me as a kid how to be mindful as an adult now !” 

Finally, Instagram user @whos_yinkxs wrote, “Hey lil dude from across the street, let me hold a dollar.” 

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