3 Big Things on ‘Challengers’ – A SPOILER-FREE Video Review


Luca Guadagnino’s follow-up to 2022’s ‘Bones and All’ may not be his most groundbreaking film, but it certainly is his most entertaining. For me, if ‘Dune: Part II’ didn’t come out in March, ‘Challengers’ would easily be my favorite film of 2024 so far.

With it’s impeccable cast, fast-paced storytelling, and INSANE score it’s damn-near impossible to have a good time watching ‘Challengers’. Some of the technical choices left me a bit puzzled, and the ending is a bit of a mystery, but I can’t wait to see it again.

Check out the video above for a more-depth (and SPOILER-FREE) review!


4.5/5 Swedish Fish

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